Who Are These People Anyways?

BLM began in 2011 as a few training partners fed up at the lack of community and opportunities to learn and improve at commercial gyms. The original BLM was in the back of a small unit in Aldergrove, with a patchwork of hand-me-down equipment. We didn’t even have a floor, we shared the few weights we had and lifted on sheets of plywood! Although we didn’t have a fancy facility what we did have was atmosphere. We could listen to great music, enjoy the company of others who had the same drive to improve, and actually train!

BLM is built on the principles of Strength, Community, and Excellence.

Strength is the ability to do what you want with ease. This can mean getting a stronger, more stable back that doesn’t hurt anymore. This can mean regaining athletic ability so you can run, jump and play with your kids. This can even mean (if that’s what you’re into) training to lift 500 pounds off the floor if you want to be strong in the most absolute sense.

Community is choosing to surround yourself with people that add to your life. Coaches who encourage you, guide you, and support you. Friends who greet you every time to walk in the door. We are a family.

Excellence is the professional coaches, who provide the individual attention everyone needs to thrive. Though a systematic but flexible approach we will guide you through a proper assessment, craft a game plan that suits your needs, and teach you step by step all the skills you’ll need to maintain your fitness for a lifetime.

We offer a selection of private and group training for fitness and athletics, competitions, social events and life long friendships.

Ever heard the saying “We must learn to walk before we can run”? The coaches at BLM are here to set you up with a strong foundation of skills so you can start your journey right!